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Reasons why I LOVE this scene:

1) Not only loyal to the book but even better (beautiful at all levels).

2) Religious imagery: I’m not a believer but let’s say I know the basics because many reasons, and I love this Bible moment, Roman as a modern Jesus. Some of you would say now: “But he’s a fucking devil!”. Yes, he also is, but is what I love in him, his eternal battle between a messiah and a real bastard.

3) How it defines Roman character: there’s a moment when they mention the only things Roman probably had used his hands for. That’s why I love him doing this, he’s not the “typical” stupid rich kid. Godfreys have money enough to hire an army of servants to take care of Shelley but is Roman who does, even washing her feet… that love and caring. No words, really :´)

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