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make me choose » alexskarev asked: cristina yang or meredith grey

well, meredith is anything but cold. she smiles… not that often, but when she does, you know because she’s really going through a lot, but it’s… you just feel warm. she’s kind. i mean, she can be a little selfish at times, and she’s flawed. but she’s kind. she cares about people and, um… she cares about her patients. she’s going to be a brilliant surgeon. you know, around here, she’s known as the one to beat.

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damon s5 appreciation week | day 2: best boyfriend!damon moment

I just really loved this moment, because for three episodes Damon was worried about protecting Katherine from Silas (“Silas wants her real bad, and if Silas wants her, I want her more”) - but now that Elena’s putting herself in danger, he’s willing to let go of Katherine and risk her being used by Silas for whatever evil plan he has, because the last thing he wants is to lose Elena. And he can’t help kissing her one last time just in case anything bad happens. 

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